The weekly shop!

So this evening Andy and I sat down and sorted out meals for the week and wrote out a shopping list. I do this at the beginning of every week so that I can make fewer trips to the shops and with a list in hand, we don’t risk buying things we don’t need or don’t want to put into our bodies. So our meals for the week are the following:

Monday: salmon (already in the freezer) with seasoned rice and roast veggies.

Tuesday: Asian veggie stir fry with Basa fish

Wednesday: baked potatoes with either tuna/sweet corn or baked beans.

Thursday: off to a friends for dinner!

Friday: Quinoa Crunch casserole

So here’s my shopping list for the week. You can see there is a lot more than just ingredients for our meals alone. We tend to snack on cottage cheese and veggies. I eat leftovers for lunch every day and Andy eats popcorn, beans and veggies for lunch. We also have a friend with his 11 month old staying with us so we bought noodles, bread and peanut butter for their lunches 😉

Aldi: Sliced bread. Sweet potatos. Frozen chicken. Basa fish. Baked beans. Corn. Beans x10. Tinned veggies. Salsa x3. Cottage cheese x3. Bell Peppers. Mushrooms onions. Broccoli. Eggs. Carrots. Bran flakes. baking potatoes. Zucchini. Cheese. Peanut butter.

Asian shop: soup sauce. Rice noodles.

Sainsburys: chickpeas x8

YAY! Now to go get some food that will properly fuel our bodies!


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