The weekly shop! Planning out the tasty meals for this week!

So I’ve sorted out the meals for this week! Heres my shopping list and my meal plan for the week 🙂

For the man to buy for me 😉

Recipe ingredients: Tomato purée. Walnuts. Frozen broad beans. Pearl barley. Sugar snap peas. Red onions. Mushrooms. Dried apricots. Celery. Apples.

Standards to have in hand/snacks: “Fry light” olive oil spray. low fat Greek yogurt. Broccoli. Carrots. Sweet potatoes. Cottage cheese. Fruit. Frozen raspberries. Lemon juice

Already have: bulgar wheat. Quinoa. Limes.

Buy on Wednesday: rocket salad/spinach

Here’s my recipes for the week. Yummy things coming up!

Monday: zesty bulgar salad

Tuesday: Moroccan mushrooms

Wednesday: pearl barley salad

Thursday: away to Dover so a YOLO meal it is! Chip shop here I come 🙂

Friday: turkey bolognaise made by my main man!

Yummy tasty foodies coming up! I love food!!!


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