What to eat on a day trip?

Easy to grab, veggies

Easy to grab, veggies

Granola bars about to be baked

Granola bars about to be baked

So tomorrow we are heading out on an overnight trip, yay fun! But it has the potential to make eating healthy a bit tricky so were going out prepared 🙂

So after Andy and I went out for an evening run we set to work! We’ve cut up carrots, celery, cucumber, mushrooms, and broccoli for munchy snacks and then also filled a ziplock with dried fruit and nuts. Then I decided to go a bit cray-cray and make a few travel treats to keep us full during two full days of walking.

I make the most wonderful banana-oatmeal cookies! I got the recipe from Blogilates where I get a lot of my recipes from. Here’s the recipe: 1 banana…1 cup of oats. THAT’S IT! Mash them together, put on a cookie sheet and you have delicious sweet cookies. I added some flax seed, cinnamon, and goji berries to mine. You can put all sorts of add ins into them 🙂

Easiest cookies ever!

Easiest cookies ever!

Then I tried a new recipe from a cookbook I just bought from Jennifer Blossom. I followed her on Facebook. She is an awesome inspirational woman who is a fitness coach, has a very well balanced realistic outlook in family and fitness and has just launched her first cookbook on her new website. Check her out!

He's already tucked into them :)

He’s already tucked into them 🙂

So I decided to make granola bars and they were an absolute hit with the husband. Super easy, lots of flavour, and they have chocolate! They have things like banana, oats, coconut, cinnamon, and other tasty things. Lets just say that I couldn’t even get a photo before Andy dove right into them 🙂 I have to wrap them up quick before any more disappear 😉

Yummy yummy travel food! We also have some sandwiches and fruit that were taking along with us for lunches on the journey. Cheap, easy, healthy and most important- TASTY!

I love food so much 😛


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