Meal planning Monday…..or not?

So this week is going to be interesting as far as food goes. We are being taken out to dinner a few times and are trying to use up all the food in our house before we move to Scotland. So lets call this week improv week!

Since for lunches I usually eat leftovers from the night before and we won’t have those very often then I have a plan! Cottage cheese to the rescue! I love the stuff. Filled with protein and very little fat. I have a tub each day for lunch, along with a bag of air popped popcorn an a bag of veggies. It’s so good to plan as much as you can even when things are a bit out of your control.

So lets see how this goes! It started out with Andy makin up some Asian soup with leftover veggies and some rice noodles that have been sitting in our cupboard for months. It was yummy, easy, and healthy!

Just pop some Asian soup flavouring in a pot of water with some veggies. Let it simmer for a while and add some rice noodles right at the last minute. I topped mine with grilled eggplant and a poached egg. Andy went for the grilled chicken option. Wonderful soup to finish the day off!




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