Green smoothies!!!


Since getting a blender given to me, I have kind of gone a bit smoothie crazy 😉 I feel like I’m blending up everything these days from chocolate protein powder, water and ice all the way to a full breakfast smoothie with oats, yogurt, cinnamon, berries, and tons more. But I newest find has been green smoothies!!! Mainly spinach and kale 🙂 spinach is very well known for being so healthy but kale has been making a bit of a comeback being recently labeled a “superfood”! Along the lines of blueberries, a superfood is packed full of antioxidants and tons of vitamins that are usually lacking in our daily diet.

Why blend it? You might be asking why not just stick it in a salad or on bread? Well personally I just get a bit bored of salads and feel like I can only munch through so many cups of kale before my jaw gets a bit sore. PLUS you can add other foods to turn kale into a sweet milkshake packing in tons of nutrients without even trying! But the biggest reason to blend up your greens is that it gives your tough veggies a digestion jump start! Since I cannot chew my lettuce a hundred times I leave so much of the work up to my stomach whereas if you bled it then your body can get more nutrients out faster and more efficiently 🙂

So here’s my favourite kale recipe! I got it off of one of my favourite food/fitness blogs. Here is the super kale smoothie!

1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup low fat Greek yogurt
Juice of 1 lemon
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1.5 cup kale

Stick it in a blender! It is so smooth and creamy!!! And so tasty 🙂 my favourite!

Another favourite is chocolate protein powder+ice+milk+peanut butter. Awesome for. Post workout treat!

So go find some food and blend it up! For my train journey yesterday I put spinach, banana, orange, water, and plain protein powder and stuck it into a bottle to drink on the go. Yum!


p.s. the green smoothie got tested out on the in-laws this weekend and earned an official thumbs up! Even from 15 year old brother-in-law and two friends!!! (though they said it looked like snot and eyed it up very suspiciously before drinking it…proven wrong!)



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