An easy throw-together meal! Honey roasted Swede :)


Yesterday I had no clue what to make and had a bit of a time constraint due to a “running-date” with a friend of mine 🙂

So I walked around the shop looking for veggies that looked yummy. I came across a giant Swede only costing £.75!!! Not having any idea what it was or how to cook it, I decided I was gonna make it into dinner!

So I found a recipe on BBC Good Food for Honey Roasted Swedewith chili and coriander. I thought it could use some bulking up so I added chickpeas to the mix. But if you’re a meat- fan this would probably go great with pork! I chopped it up, threw it in a roasting pan and let it cook while I was on my run (andy was babysitting it while I was out). It was ready by the time I was back. Really tasty, really good for you, plenty filling but I accidentally didn’t de-seed the chili and it was VERY SPICY! Andy didn’t mind a bit though 🙂 for added protein (and to cool the spice a bit) we served it with chive&onion cottage cheese. I also put some sprouts with it cuz they were on offer, lol. Tasty! Had leftovers for dinner tonight 🙂

1/2 swede peeled and chopped
Drizzle olive oil
Drizzle honey
Chili de-seeded and shopped
Small bunch of coriander
Pop everything in a pan, roast for 45-50 minutes at 200C 🙂

If you add the chickpeas (£.33) cottage cheese(£.60) and chili/coriander (previous meal leftovers-FREE!)into the price then this whole meal cost £1.68 for two portions and the lasted us two meals!