Steak, mashed potatoes, and chips!…kind of…except it was all vegetables! Mwahahaha!

"steak", "mashed potatoes", and chips :)

“steak”, “mashed potatoes”, and chips πŸ™‚

So tonight I decided to make the husband happy…and healthy πŸ˜‰ I’m a very sneaky wife mwahahah! All vegetables tonight!

Instead of steak I marinated portobello mushrooms in Worcestershire sauce all day and then grilled them.

For the mashed potatoes I took frozen cauliflower and microwaved it for 7 minutes (til thawed) drained te water and put it in my food processor with some italian herbs! Voila! Faux mashed potatoes that would fool any child or husband (but I think some cheese would be a really good tasty add in if you’re feeding kiddos).

Instead if classic frozen chips I chopped up a sweet potato, steamed them for 25 minutes along with the broccoli (and 6 eggs for lunches this week). Then I sautΓ©ed them in some leftover Worcestershire sauce in a nonstick pan with no extra oil to crispy them up.

Yummy yummy! I think I could feed this to my little 10 year old brother and even he would like it. Massive thumbs up from the hubby tonight πŸ™‚


Zuchinni pasta! Gluten free, dairy free AND VEGETARIAN?! p.s. it tastes good too!

The beginnings of my "noodles" had to get some tunes on in the kitchen first ;)

The beginnings of my “noodles” had to get some tunes on in the kitchen first πŸ˜‰

Bolognese ingredients (missing a few tho!)

Bolognese ingredients (missing a few tho!)

About to toss the zucchini "noodles" into the boiling water

About to toss the zucchini “noodles” into the boiling water

I made this the other day, took photos of it for my mom, shared it on Instagram last second and immediately got tons of people asking me how I made this, what recipe I used, if it was hard, and did it taste nice. So I thought I should probably toss it up onto the blog πŸ˜‰
First off, it’s not hard. It is so simple and even less time consuming than making normal pasta. Secondly, it is so yummy. The “pasta” stays in thick noodles that you can twirl around yourΒ fork and while having a slight green tint to them are so similar to real pasta noodles you could probably even make kids (maybe even the occasional husband!) eat it if you didn’t tell them what it was made from πŸ˜›

So to start this “wonder dish” you start by making a bolognaize sauce. This link is the one I used and it’s incredible! (I threw a few mushrooms) Then while that’s cooking I peel the skin off the zuchinni and then peel the zucchini lengthwise so that I end up with a core that is the seeds. You don’t want seeds in your pasta because that will make it fall apart. Then you just boil it for a minute until it’s soft and then toss it to dry(ish)! It was awesome awesome Awesome πŸ™‚
btw, Don’t try to “wring dry” the pasta in a towel because that will make it squish and that is no good.

Mmm, zucchini Bolognese pasta :)

Mmm, zucchini Bolognese pasta πŸ™‚